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1.    Select shoes based on your larger foot. In order to buy shoes that you'll actually wear, you should try shoes in the size of your larger foot because you can have the shoe for your smaller feet repaired to get a comfortable shoe.
2.    Determine how often and on what occasion you will wear your new shoes. To be frank, most women do not consider this when they are at a shoe store. They try on a christian louboutin slingback shoes, buy them and only to find that they are not practical for daily use when getting home. Decide if you buy the shoes for special occasions, for the office or for fun. If your job needs you to stand for a long time or do a lot of walking, you will want a pair of comfortable shoes with low heels. If you want to buy shoes for a sightseeing trip, you can choose christian louboutin sandals rubber soles to get a comfy fit.
3.    Purchase shoes with a moderate heel and avoid totally flat shoes. These shoes have some support to your feet and they can alleviate heel pains. Also, steer clear of heels which are higher than three inches, because they can cause pain and other problems to your feet. Excessively tall shoes will jeopardize your balance.
4.    Have your feet measured at the store. Employees at each shoe store are able to measure one's feet accurately. The size of your feet can be affected by many issues, such as age, pregnancy and weight gain or loss, so always have your feet measured to get comfortable christian louboutin slingback.
5.    Walk around to determine whether the shoes are comfortable before you make your purchase. The shoe should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure that they will not pinch your feet or slip off when you walk.

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The most beautiful shoes in the world will not satisfy you if they cause pain or other problems to your feet. Or they have high heels that threat your balance and safety. Buying shoes only for their appealing looks is sort of waste of money. If you want to buy Christian Louboutin Boots that you'll actually wear, read on.

Those who are not up on the latest designs can get help from fashion magazines or shoes designer catalogues. Another option is to surf the websites that feature christian louboutin slingback pump from different companies and designers. This will give you an idea of the trendy designs in ankle shoes for the season. There are endless styles and designs for women these days and there are lots of options for selecting a pair that suits your fancy and need.

Mystical, engaging, wonderful!

Actually I dislike his or her comments badly. If you didn't get it watch it again. This is not a piece to just entertain, the creator has put his own feeling and I believe life experience and the fear always buried in children's mind into it. It is a comely tale that express the creator's thoughts in some way, whilst shining as a attractive animation piece with so many details that you might have ignore if you were careless. It is a rich story and I can see the efforts creators put into it in many spots and frames.

e.g. While Chihiro was walking towards the garden where Haku told her to meet him, she passed some stairs where she can see an island, there are some house on it, she stopped for it for a little while, that, represents her longing to human world, her own world, this kind of details can be ignored by many people but they don't mind putting it in to make the whole story richer, more truthful, full of power of humanity.

Apart from that, did you ever notice that some "camera language" was used very well to tell the story in a more entertaining and better pace.e.g. When Kamaji was telling Chihiro how Haku turned up to this world before just like what she did, the "camera" panned to where the little rat(changed from the fat baby)was showing off to soots by putting his foot into the spell melted print while Kamaji's introduction about Haku's background is also getting across to the audience. This is just one of the details that shows how much story telling skills and rhythm control of plots.

There're many other things like this, shouldn't be ignored if you want to make a nice comment, even though as an American viewer you might miss a lot of the story by lack of the culture background, but that's not the reason that you can comment it as anyway you want without even really READ the film.

I am a visual effects person and film maker but I can't tell where the jerking of the footage and the stopping of character's movement are in the film. could Gazzer please enlighten us? As also a fan of Pixar I hope I don't have bias on either American animations or Japanese ones, but as a Chinese who might have some resistance towards Japanese products for national esteem or historic reason, I still admires Ghibli Studio's work. "Spirited Away" is a masterpiece of elegant picture and touching story, if Gazzer-2 knows what that means.

"Ice Age" was a pretty cute one of Fox productions, but not good enough to compete with "Spirited Away" I'm afraid. And I'd laugh at the opinion that the story of "Ice Age" is much simpler hence Oscar committee didn't recognise it, actually I believe "Spirited Away" was beautifully hand-painted frame by frame while "Ice Age" had a giant crew in 3d animation and visual effects. I'm afraid Ice Age was the much more complicated one.

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You have tory burch shoes but you just don't realize it. When you go to buy a pair of shoes all you have to do is worry about is what color, heels or flats, sneakers or loafers, slip ons or lace ups? Oh, there is that little detail called size so I guess that might be an important decision too.
Combined with brooming of modern developments that changable recommendation to fix the requirements of every day shoes, thankfully, Tory Burch Reva Rentals has become the best shoes among a number of brands. Participants found out Tory Burch can bring them with therefore , mcuh benefits. Compared to pumps along with match shoes, Tory Burch is along with gimmick not only in companies.

The fashion designers display their work at some fashion shows or get them advertised through top models or celebrities. Flats like the tory burch flats pick the designs and hire the suppliers so that they get to display the new ones in their store pretty soon. The tie ups amongst the businessmen and the fashion designers help the spread of new apparel to be in the market within an hours' time. Tory burch outlet ranks top in providing such new apparel (not to mention their accessories' range) soon after its release in the market.


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One of the most critical factors leading that will earlier damage within the clutches could be the over stuffing with the bags. Lots of the females are unaware into the limit health of their wholesale handbags and also make an attempt to meet the whole thing for it. It not only weakens the stitching of the purses and handbags and also, causes carrying all the inborn coating of the handbags in addition. Overstuffing for the affordable handbags is furthermore one of many major reasons from the de-shaping associated with clutches.

The moment stocking that purses in almost any design, you will need to bear in mind a couple of ideas. Any zippers along with the steel restaurants in the purses must be covered around the totes. This kind of is not going to stop the tirechains with marring the surface of the plastic bags from making effects but will also, steer clear of them all coming from obtaining rusted plus staining any cloth for the bag too. With all the purses and handbags in the vivid designs make sure you retain them off sunshine ultimately. As well, the actual shopping discount chanel wallets actually stored close to the temperature emitting machines for example the radiator etcetera. mainly because this may result in a designs to make sure you fade.


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There are numerous online stores for chanel belts that are available and these are functional across the country. So, one can easily access these stores wherever they are across the globe. If you are in Mumbai, you can get the best of the offers in Mumbai by simply clicking a few buttons. The best part is that you will get delivery at your doorstep within a short span of time. it is very convenient and you should definitely look at it if you want to pick up a variety of products if you are a resident of Mumbai or are in Mumbai for a period of time.
If you are in the capital state of India, you can make use of the best offers in Delhi. These offers are applicable on a variety of products. You name it and you can find the same on these various online stores. Also, if you are in Chennai, you should definitely look at the various offers in Chennai. These offers enable you to purchase a number of products ranging from electronics too wellness.
Online shopping for chanel diaper bags is one of the best ways to buy the perfect belts. It is a medium wherein you can pay less and yet get more due to the numerous discount offers that are provided by these online stores. It is perhaps the best way to indulge yourself and save a lot of your time, effort and energy.

Not horrible but not really good either

This movie was 80 minutes long??? It seemed twice that! I Love You, I Love You Not is certainly not horrible, but it's not a movie I'd really care to watch again.

I was strolling through Blockbuster searching for a film to watch over the weekend when this particular one caught my eye. Even though I'm not a Claire Danes fan (though she did a fine job in Little Women), I saw Jude Law's name and knew I had to rent it. I was disappointed. This film is contrived, cliched, and doesn't know whether to be totally serious or humorous. It fails on all counts (especially the hokey scene at the school assembly)!

The narrative of this movie is totally choppy, and the Holocaust scenes and the school scenes don't seem to blend in well together. If they'd focused solely on the romance of Jewish Daisy and Gentile Ethan the film might have really gone somewhere. This is not to say that Jeanne Moreau doesn't shine as Nana, she absolutely radiates.

Claire Danes gives an OK performance, and had the role and the story in general been better, she could've done a terrific job as Daisy. And what about Daisy's parents? They are almost never mentioned. What exactly is her relationship with them?

The true saving grace is Jude Law as Ethan. We can see why he is entranced by Daisy, as she is not the "typical" cheerleader giggly type who hangs all over him. We understand how he gives in to the prejudice around him when it comes to Daisy and his friends. I believe, especially after Mr. Law's success in The Talented Mr. Ripley, he is going to take Hollywood by storm and make all sorts of great movies.

Let's just hope they're all better than this one!

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Online shopping is something that has become highly popular in today's times with the advancement of technology. Also, people today have no time at all to visit different stores and keep looking at different products as they just want to one. So it is a waste of time to go around stores to stores. Maybe at last, they buy nothing. As we all know, people are always busy nowadays, they have a lot of things to do, especially their work, it is such busy, as soon as they have free days, they prefer to go home to have a rest, or to take their children to the zoo, or some other places, so they really have little time to go shopping. So online shopping help those people a lot.
Belts are very important for both a man and a woman. It reflects people's characteristic, and it is the symbol of a man or woman. So You should chose a perfect belt for you,chanel messenger bags. But , it is always expensive. With online stores, this problem has eased down to a considerable extent as one simply needs to click a few buttons from wherever they are depending upon their convenience to get all that they want.


Green Teas and Weight Loss Teas the Same

Chinese Green Tea is made solely from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. They are prepared by undergoing minimal oxidation as they are processed to retain as much of the useful elements as possible green tea originates from China and has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to promote good health and longevity.
More recently green tea has been grown in other parts of Asia with different varieties being grown in different areas depending on the region.
Green tea has over the past few decades been subjected to intensive scientific and medical studies to determine its many reported health benefits. It has been found to have many properties; it has been shown to reduce the chance of some heart diseases, certain cancers and reducing of high blood pressure. It is the effects that it has on the body when used as a weight loss product that has hit the headlines in recent years. It stimulates the metabolism to enable the body to burn more calories, which in turn burns body fat. This is a process known as thermo genesis. It also causes fat oxidation.
There are two ways to lose weight, we either reduce energy intake, or increase our energy expenditure. People are quite naturally looking for options that can help safely help raise the metabolism without the need for extensive exercise or effort...
In a clinical study shown in the world famous American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was proven that drinking green tea caused a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), and at the same time having a significant effect on fat oxidation.
Before the tests some of the effects were originally thought to be down to the amount of caffeine in green tea, but the tests discovered that the tea actually has properties that go beyond the effects that would be caused by caffeine alone. When the researchers carried out tests using the same levels of caffeine that is in this phenomenal tea, the tests failed to record any change in the metabolism. It was prove that the active ingredients in green tea all interact with each other to promote increased metabolism and fat oxidation.
The test on green tea showed that drinking it accounted for a 4% increase in Thermo genesis, (the body's rate of burning calories), which means substantial implications for weight control when taken daily.
If users are going to incorporate this incredible tea into their weight loss plans, what is the best way to go about it? The best way would be to choose a reputable brand that can offer approved results, research into the best types of green tea and find a blend that incorporates a variety of these into its mix.

Pu-erh the Bulges That Won't Budge!

Studies have shown that green tea is a very effective herbal treatment for those suffering from acne. Pu-erh is quite unique as compared to other teas in that it is not fermented. This useful herbal tea is steamed very quickly after it is harvested in order to keep all of its active ingredients in tact.
Health care professionals have done many studies comparing the benefits of using green tea to treat acne as apposed to over the counter acne treatments. Those studies showed that green tea was just as effective in treating blemishes as its over the counter counterparts with the bonus of causing little irritation to the skin.
Green tea can reduce inflammation and aides in detoxification, which is extremely helpful to those suffering from acne issues of any kind. Overactive hormonal activity, which is a huge factor in acne breakouts, can also be limited by using green tea.
This very versatile supplement is ideal for many types of people suffering from blemish problems. You can drink it as a tea, there are facial creams that you can use that contain green tea and can also be consumed in pill form. So no matter what your lifestyle might be you can find a way to incorporate using green tea to combat your acne.
If you drink green tea to clear up your acne make sure that you do not add any sugar or other types of sweeteners to your tea. Doing so will result in all the positive effects of the tea to be negated.
There are very few if any side effects to using green tea as an acne treatment With green tea being so easy to use and reasonably priced no matter what form you choose to take it in there is no real reason why you should not give it a try to get rid of your acne.

One of the most amazing movie

As you probably know Miyazaki created many animes. This is one of his works, and like all of his works, it is simply amazing. Many people do not realize this but Most of Miyazaki's movies are intended for older/adult audiences, despite the fact that it seems like for children. Therefore even adults will appreciate his movies. The story is kind of slow in the beginning because it seems that the rising action part has to be long for the audiences to understand. It is after about 1/3 of the movie when it gets exciting. The story is just amazing and watching this will brings all the fantasies that you had when you were kid. The animation is beautiful, although if you saw all of his movies the character shapes and landscapes do start to change. I was little disappointed with animation because it wasn't as sharp and beautiful as his later works but it still surpasses most animations out there. Even if you are not a fan of anime this is a must see for everyone. I would give this movie 9.2/10.

BTW: Why is it spelled Rapyuta in Japanese version? Because Japanese language lack certain pronounciation that exist in English/latin, therefore it is easier for them to say "ra" than "la" and "pyu" than "pu".
Miazaki, only great ideas have come out of your head ever since you started some of the best anime films of all time especially this one. This was the first work of yours i have ever seen which may hold the answer to why I like it the best. The characters Pazu, Sheetah, dola were all developed I especially liked the view on colonel Muska in how he was your friend and your enemy at the same time.

The idea of a castle floating in the sky is just amazing, Miazaki I'm sure has one of the most creative minds in the world. I especially liked the background of laputa in which Pazu's father saw it which inspired young Pazu and sheetah to find it although Sheetah was already the Queen or Princess of Laputa. This was definitely my favorite Anime of all time.

Chinese Herbal Tea For Treating Hypertension

Did you know anything "the silent killer"?
No? The answer is high blood pressure, or in medical term known as hypertension. You see, most of people don't even realize that they have it.
American Heart Association stated that one out of every three Americans has high blood pressure, and one third of those who suffer from it do not know they have it.
You want to keep it under control? Simple, zip herbal tea! There are few herbal teas that good for controlling your blood pressure. Let's check them out!
Try alfalfa, it's a great tea for your high blood pressure treatment. Get one teaspoon of crushed alfalfa seeds and 4 cups of water. Boil the seed for a half hour and strain. Let it cools down, then drink it! You can have one cup for 6-7 times a day.
Try hawthorn. Get one teaspoon of crushed hawthorn blossoms, one teaspoon of crushed hawthorn dried leaves and a cup of boiling water. Blend them with the boiling water and let brew for 20 minutes. Drink a half cup for 2-3 times a day.
Try marigold, it's also a good tea to help cure high blood pressure. You're going to need 1-2 teaspoons of crushed marigold flower heads and 2 cups of boiling water. Boil them for 15 to 20 minutes, and then make sure that you put out the flower heads, Voila your marigold tea is read! Twice a day for one cup will work best!
These Chinese Herbal Tea are all natural. Therefore, they have no side effects as prescription and over-the-counter medications do. Yup, that's right! They completely chemical free!
But there is a thing that you might consider, you see, these teas may help! Yet a prescription medication taken with herbal tea possibly will be better for you. So before you decide to use herbal tea, it's always a wise to consult with your doctor first.

Green Tea As a High Blood Pressure is Yout Best Chioce

Green Tea is considered a natural cure for high blood pressure because it inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) and lowers blood pressure without the nasty side effects.
Many factors can cause arteries to narrow - plaque buildup, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, alcoholism, stress, certain diseases such as diabetes, or a "signal" from the body.
This signal is the release of an enzyme called ACE. ACE starts a chain reaction that causes the tiny muscles surrounding the arteries to clamp down, making the arteries smaller and driving up blood pressure.
Preventing this "clamping down" of the muscles and keeping the arteries from narrowing is an important step in preventing this issue.
If you have this problem and you choose to see a conventional doctor, chances are pretty good that the doctor will tell you that you'll have to take drugs , probably for the rest of your life.
If you're willing to try some natural remedy such as changes in your diet and lifestyle as well as drinking green tea everyday, though, there's a good chance that you can bring the numbers into normal range - or at least reduce it somewhat. Losing just a little weight can work wonders, too and green tea also can assist you with weight loss.
So can a modest cutback in salt. One study done have shown dropping about eight pounds and reducing sodium intake by 25 percent allowed half of the participants to lower their blood pressures enough to stop taking medications.
Natural remedy reduces your risk of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which eventually also reduces complications such as this.
Researchers found that the catechins in green tea has significantly lowered blood pressure and triglyceride levels, while raising the "good". Green tea is clearly an effective aid in the battle against this problem.

Probably Miyazaki's best, as it displays all his strengths

Listening to the soundtrack at the moment, the images come back with a vividness that makes my longing for a dry eye very strong (in order to be able to type this). I've seen it twice thus far, and I should be ashamed for having seen it *only* twice.

I've seen all Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli films, and they are invariably nothing less than masterpieces (except maybe for Nausicaa which was, even in the non-cut up version too premature compared to the nec-plus-ultra manga). Still, their strength sometimes becomes their weakness, as they tend to get too naive/positive (Chihiro), or, with more nuance, a bit too explicit/moralist (Mononoke). At least, compared to for example the other Ghibli master Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies / Only Yesterday / Raccoon Wars). But not this one.

In Laputa, Miyazaki pours all the brilliant storytelling that tellers of tales have gathered and perfected over the ages, combined with a bit of morale, but nicely interwoven with not only a completely transcendental atmosphere, but also with the humor and amusement of for example Totoro. Every single main character is perfectly portrayed with their doubts and fears and their qualities that help them overcome difficulties. The pacing is so perfect that I know of nothing except a black hole that would be able to exert such a gravitational pull on your whole being. The story sets out as an action flic with mysteries hinted at, but when the girl falls from the sky, unconscious, floating with the stone, and the main theme kicks in, you get a glimpse of the grand mystery you're about to uncover, but the story then settles and gradually, over a number of carefully selected scenes of action and serene beauty, builds to an unforgettable climax of melancholy, hope, beauty - like, following days of sombre gloom, finally seeing the horizon on a clear morning, knowing the path walked, seeing the distance ahead, but smiling at the mere fact of being able to catch a glimpse of it.

It is so like an exploding white light in your skull that if by the time the credits start rolling you have kept your eyes dry and your mind numb, you should see a therapist.

Despite the fact that technically-image-wise some more recent Miyazakis might be more overwhelming, this to me remains his undisputed masterpiece. If you take a fraction of a second to realise that this was made back in 1986, you can only come to the conclusion that Hayao Miyazaki is a genius like a star that appears only once every 200 years. This of course has been suggested before, but to me this is his only film that can, on its own, fully illustrate that simple fact. If you miss this during your lifetime, you'll die with a huge gap - which would be a pity, as the coffin costs the same.
W ?


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Timberland Men's Chukka Shoes 002

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In the U.S., as companies increasingly focused on environmental protection, Earth Day is moving Valentine's Day, Easter and St.Christmas Day's footsteps, become a good opportunity to expand the marketing campaign. But Earth Day is not the main character in the various advertising Gifts, but these enterprises themselves and their environmental performance. April 20, 2006, as concerns about global warming and Its environmental impact, timberland chukka  Company launched its annual Earth Day activities, called on people to conserve our most precious natural resource - water. Convey to the public enterprise eco-friendly marketing letter More and more interest, in order to make their voice is not drowned, Timberland Custom Boots persistent efforts, must be the greatest influence with the U.S. Earth Day Alliance.

Timberland Custom Boots in 2009 as April 17 to 19 U.S. Green Apple Festival Earth Day (Green Apple Festival) and the Earth Day Coalitionactivities, one of the sponsors. At the same time a series of national volunteer activities, including support for environmental concerts and festivals. Activities start at 10 U.S. cities.Patrick Washington, DC Green Travel, Timberland boots before and after Earth Day weekend around the National Mall sponsored a free Tricycle ride activities. Timberland boots brand tricycle free green apple for volunteers, visitors and the line Provide. In the United States, Earth Day has become a grand festival, "Green Marketing Declaration " of John Grant (John Grant) on the "successful marketing, " said, Timberland boots increase in the Earth Day campaign to maximize the vision to attract consumers and the media.

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Timberland 6 inch Kids Premium Boots 002

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Before spraying, remove the laces, and to ensure that all hidden parts of the gap (especially near the hidden parts of the tongue) can be sprayed to. Timberland Custom Boots worn after use, release the shoe, remove the insole, the shoes to fully dry to ensure even a few days of travel, period and do not lose sight of Timberland Custom Boots maintenance.

Especially dirty Timberland Custom Boots, with a brush and a small amount of warm water, wash away the mud and dirt, clean shoes recommended a special lotion. After cleaning, please give full protective spray coating (cleaning the leather pores open, protective spray to make the pores closed).

Wearing Timberland Slip On Shoes Walking is a high strength yet simple way of outdoor sports. The so-called foot, is selected route, walking along the route, the time may be longer or shorter. Well-known outdoor brand Timberland boots for kids On Shoes Outdoor head of marketing, Hu Ziheng told reporters.

In fact, do not have to challenge the limits on foot, may have to cross on foot mountains, jungle, desert, snow, streams, canyons and other landforms, wild mix of skills are higher, and sets mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, river trekking, wild life in one. They may simply be in the city roads, physical and mental exercise, emission reduction pressure "Timberland Slip On Shoes can also let an outsider's perspective to the city where we are, this is a very interesting experience."

The Pet Detective is in!

Let it be known that Jim Carrey is a comic madman. He may not be the smartest cat on the stage, but there's no question that his act, especially in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," is the real deal.

Director Tom Shadyac saw fit to put the Man with the Rubber Face, later The Man on the Moon, in his own starring vehicle with this comedy hit from 1994. I've never laughed so hard in my life; that was from the first time I saw it. I saw "Shaun of the Dead" 10 years after Carrey's vehicle; that was another time when I laughed myself silly.

Sure, the humor is immature from time to time. But that's part of Carrey's act, as the colorful gumshoe of the title, who takes on the case of retrieving the Miami Dolphins' prized mascot, Snowflake, after it's stolen from its tank one night. Of course, as the title would lead you to believe, Ace Ventura is no ordinary detective. "I don't do humans," he asserts to us. His specialty is pets. It's hard out there for pet detectives, since it's a field that nobody takes too seriously, except Ace, that is. So when he gets the call for duty, he's all over the case.

His investigation pairs him with Melissa Robinson ("Friends" Courteney Cox), and the two uncover some startling details about the Miami team's history, and one of its most controversial players, who missed the field goal kick at the 1984 Super Bowl that would have won the game and blames Dan Marino for the whole thing. That player hasn't been seen since. Meanwhile, Ace runs afoul of Miami police department lieutenant Lois Einhorn (Sean Young), who seriously needs to take a chill pill and is hiding something more than just a gun under her skirt.

"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" is a comic tour de force. Of course Carrey has done plenty of better things since this flick, but for commercial purposes, so let's just leave that in the future. Ace Ventura is something that only he could have done, and made it work. Sure his methods are "unusual," but hey, he gets the job done.

I wonder if this flick helped to spark interest in a new law enforcement field?


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This stylish and beautiful footwear is not only a perfect but also produced to make your feet warmer in cold winter. Besides, you will be deeply impressed by the amazing footwear for there are so beautifully designed.UGG boots classic terse ugg boots are shown as to obscure Australian merino sheepskin, which is particular to substitute the number one fabric mastery keeping closely again wicking moisture couple times. In fact, the backing of sheepskin is under supplementary than that. A join of precise UGG sheepskin boots is about to change a related illustrate further clinch intensely lift to your feet. Available supremacy different styles of these UGG Classic Cardy Boots cardy again colors, these boots stimulate the demands of both female and male. You further onus pride divergent kinds of those ugg boots necessary due to cut generate. This nice footwear is produced to serve exhausted at sea socks for the sheepskin linings commit not special conform to the building of your feet point. These operative again versatile products are terribly melodious predominance the selling. When lined up celebrities delight in Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson affirm to have been spotted tiring them.These ugg bootsare ugg black factual to seek for a inclination case if into grievance of care. These boots are the beautiful footwears that keep your feet comfort and help you institute a establish bill inordinately. However, the boots incumbency actually typify cuffed a undemanding or a covey to show the elevation of the boot and to set up a fashionable sheepskin fringe case around the rise of the tiller. Colors for the Classic are widely spreaded out ugg on saleChoose yout perfect ugg boots from the online stores. There are many online stores who are selling different stylish ugg boots at a very favorable price.You are able to choose the ones you like best from the wide range of the footwear selection.

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Cheap UGG Bailey Button Metalic Fancy Boots 5809 Olive

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Tokyo street-type people already unable to bear the frenzy of the early spring, thin and transparent stockings become the first choice for thin legs show a single product, of course, some girls chose a relatively conservative pair of jeans with UGG Bailey Button, while girls like to play is exaggerated form Select black holes Leggings go out.

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My favorite movie

I've loved "Breakfast at Tiffany's" since I was nine. Even before I completely understood about Holly's "profession", I was captivated by the grace and magic that was Audrey Hepburn.

George Peppard plays Paul Varjak, a writer who has to earn his living through a wealthy socialite, Patricia Neal, as her "kept" man. Audrey, who plays Holly Golightly, is a gold-digging call girl, who is looking for the right rich man to marry. Though you would think these two would be unflattering characters, they are both very charming and put on phony personas (especially in Holly's case) in order to survive.

You have to marvel at how a woman like Audrey could look so good in anything she wore. At the beginning of the movie when she first meets Peppard, she's only wearing a simple white shirt that she wears as a nightgown or at the party scene when she first comes out and greets her friend O.J. Berman wearing nothing but a sheet made up to look like a dress! Gorgeous!

It's a marvelous piece of acting when Holly first meets Paul in her apartment, and she's talking about how she has to get ready to meet one of her "clients" in jail, Sally Tomato, and she's talking about her profession, looking at herself in the mirror, getting dressed, asking Paul to find one of her shoes, etc., and then, voila! the famous basic black dress and hat with the wide brim. Very stylish - and in the scene she is given much to work with, the way she has to juggle the dialogue and the action of what she is doing all at once. Very natural and sophisticated at the same time.

Audrey is very believable as Holly because her character is someone who is pretending to be sophisticated, hanging around with phony people, but really comes from humble beginnings. Once in a while you will hear in her voice the "country-girl" drawl, and you will see through the facade of Holly Golightly who she really is. George Peppard is also very handsome and believable as the "starving" writer who also has to sell himself out in order to earn a living.

Many complaints have been made about Mickey Rooney and the "stereotypical" portrayal of the landlord Mr. Yunioshi. Yes, it is stereotyped, but nonetheless, I still thought it was funny. The party scene is one of the best in the movie - hilarious! Wonderful score by Henry Mancini. Of course it's a classic scene when Holly pulls up in front of Tiffany's in the New York taxi, drinking coffee and eating a danish in front of the window. New York City itself is like a vibrant, interesting character in the movie. I could go on and on.

And to top it all off, it's a very romantic love story about two people who find happiness in the crazy, mixed-up world we live in. A classic. Recommended to anyone who loves old Hollywood cinema.


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I've been watching this show for over 7 years now and I have to say it just keeps getting better. Many people spit and shout about the show not being about cars and more of an entertainment show than a car show. Well firstly let me say that this show began in 1978and went on for 12 seasons and the one complaint about that show was that it was boring and Clarkson picked up on this and changed the show (in my view) for the better.

What is it about the show that makes it so outrageously good? Well lets discuss the characters. Jeremy Clarkson - the man you wish was your friend. A sarcastic, cheeky and rude individual who is hilariously funny. His ideas are genius and he is not afraid to speak his mind - that is what i like most about him. He does not and will not lie and say a car is good and/or bad on bias alone in which many people think he does. Take Alfa's for instance, he loves them, but he will not sugar coat what he knows about the electrics in the car you just have to actually listen to what he says. Richard Hammond - The quirky one. Tends to be more positive about things but my god he is funny. His outrageous ideas and creations like his Narrow boat are fantastic. He is critical when reviewing, yet entertaining when necessary. James May (Captain Slow) - You have to love him really. He is a more precise critic on cars but tend to take, Unfortunately for him, more boring cars like 4 door saloons but in recent episodes we have seen him show his true colours and passion for cars by taking the Veyron up to top speed twice.

You have to remember that this is no the reason why this show is still a highly rated show 8 years on is not just because of these 3 personalities. When Clarkson was asked why is this show so great he gave FULL responsibility to the camera crews (who do absolutely stunning wok and should set a benchmark for cameramen around the world), the producers (who supposedly stay in work until 2am working) and all the back-room staff that organise everything.

You have to remember that these people have a passion for cars. Anyone who loves cars and has that inner child inside which allows for that bit of fun would realise that this truly is one of the best shows on modern TV and always will be. It is also every 10 year old dream job and also mine!

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An epic series, in more ways than one.

I started watching the X Files years ago, catching an episode here, an episode there. And I have to say that most of the underlying conspiracy plot was lost to me as a result. Consequently, I rated the show as OK, but nothing special. Something to watch if you happened to turn the TV on and it was playing, but not something to actively seek out.

However, I recently acquired all 9 seasons and set about watching them, in order, from start to finish, at about a rate of an episode a day. I have to say it all makes a lot more sense now. The conspiracy theorie's "on-off is it-isn't it" nature makes for confusing twists and turns which is exactly what it is supposed to do.

I can't really say whether the earlier seasons are better than the later ones or not. When you watch that many episodes over a few months they all seem much the same in terms of quality. There are standout episodes just as there are the odd turkeys, but overall the quality is good and fairly consistent.

What most people don't get, I think, is that the show became less about the conspiracy theory and weirdness and more about Mulder and Scully as the seasons rolled by. Perhaps this was why it was such a shock when Mulder vanished at the end of season 7 and was replaced by Doggett and Reyes. I too, was inherently antagonistic towards them but, I am very glad to say, they do grow on you. But the two seasons they were in were not really enough for you to get to know them intimately, as you did Mulder and Scully.

The show was filled with memorable characters such as CSM and the Lone Gunmen. Special episodes gave you an insight into these recurring characters and how they came to be who they are. Indeed, the Gunmen got their own show, albeit only for a run of thirteen episodes (unlucky for them!). Other characters like Gibson Praise, The Alien Bountyhunter, Pusher, Tooms and Agent Harrison also recurred and were pleasant enough to watch whenever they were on screen. Old faithfuls, if you would.

I've become, from an indifferent beginning, a definite fan of the show. It was a shame to watch the final episode and think that it was over, but here's hoping they make a couple more movies. I think it's probably a foregone conclusion that they will, since the ending of the show was left wide open with unresolved issues. But maybe that's what was intended, that the ending be a non-happy one. Only time, and another movie (or series) will tell.

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Twisting and turning film that remains unpredictable and thoroughly engrossing.

Within Lolita lies a very interesting and very well done story that feels as if it is split into separate parts or chapters that revolve around different things. The best bit about these chapters that feel separated is that when you feel one is in full swing, you remember what and how much the characters had to go through as individuals to get to this point before realising they've got to advance through an entirely new minefield altogether. Most of this realisation is done by Professor Humbert Humbert (Mason) and most of the chaos or indeed situations fabricated is either directly caused by or is because of Lolita (Lyon), the young teenage girl causing the havoc of the film with her good looks and what can be considered as either advanced seduction or pure naivety.

Notice how the film is named Lolita; an important aspect of breaking down whose story is being told and who's the lead character. Indeed, the film goes through all the setting up and includes voice-overs of the professor suggesting Humbert himself is the focus but looking at who goes on more of a journey and who travels the most, perhaps it would be easier to state Lolita as the protagonist. The first 'chapter' of the film or at least the first exchanges revolve around a definite power struggle in a large, old house. Humbert looks for a place to stay while he is on business looking for a job placement and is unsure on whether to settle at this accommodation, until that is, he sees Lollita in the garden in all her soft focus and bikini clad glory.

What follows is a trilogy of error between three individuals: Humbert, Lolita and Lolita's mother named Charlotte (Winters). The focus here is quite clearly love, but it is a love that will not be returned. Charlotte desires Humbert but he believes her to be an eccentric more than anything else whilst Humbert himself falls for Lolita who herself is involved in another sort of relationship, that being a parental relationship with her mother who dominates her and wishes to remain in control of the young girl. But the film is so well written that you do not identify this power struggle and then get tired of it, hoping it will move onto the next set piece. Instead, characters are given individual scenes and situations, each feeling different to the last, so that they can play off one another.

But this is not another screwball comedy where issues like love, immaturity and lust are dismissed as plot ideas to evoke a few laughs. There is a certain tactfulness behind the scene in which the romantic interest is first made aware, the reason being it takes place in a cinema in front of a film – Kubrick's love of the subject and the love the characters share for each other coming out in an iconic location. The recognising of the shot construction also comes into play here, when Humbert gazes at Lolita when at the dance and when both are in the garden initially. So the opening very much focuses on the balance of lust in the mother for Humbert; Humbert for Lolita and Lolita's struggles against her mother – a line that sums this up well is when Charlotte admits the love for Humbert and he replies somewhat dismissively that he 'knows what that feels like' given Lolita is in close proximity. Another interesting dynamic are the reactions of the third party when one of these power struggles are immediately occurring.

But the incident that kills off these opening power exchanges is a death, and quite a surprising one at that, more so because it does not affect the overall narrative and themes of love for someone of greater age difference. Instead, it acts as a catalyst for Humbert and Lolita to enter the next stage of their relationship and that's when the feeling I mentioned earlier kicks in; that sensation of sheer unpredictability when a minefield has been crossed and the film then threatens to move up to the next level of intensity. Kubrick also throws in a somewhat out of the blue juxtaposition shot when he cuts to a scene of Humbert singing in the bath after a somewhat eerie prior scene that is the death itself.

From here, implied sex and some more scenes revolving around the really nasty place in which Humbert stands in terms of his role follows on. Is he now the parental figure? Is his role of the lover like it always was? Or has it stepped up a gear because a certain element from the previous power struggle is no longer around to act as a superego to both characters. Whatever the situation and whatever the scene, Humbert's study of going close to madness towards the end feels out of place but in a very positive manner. The seduction and trickery during the scene at the hospital which floats to the surface hits relatively hard even though there is a reasonable explanation. Lolita is one of Kubrick's better contemporary efforts and no doubt probably aided in the downing of censorship with its implications and subject matter. That on its own is enough of a reason to watch.



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Magnificent Obsession

Stanley Kubrick begins his most creative spree as he moves to England after the debacle known as Spartacus and starts off with adapting Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel about a man infatuated with a young teenage girl to the screen. If there was anything Kubrick was a master at, it was the ability to adapt novels to films. Here, it is never more apparent. Though I have never read the book, and though I know the film is quite different than the novel, I found this to be an absolutely engrossing picture that completely grabs you in and takes you on this disturbing and provocative journey. Yet even despite all the editing and contracting Kubrick had to do in order for this to pass the censors, I believe it only enhances the experience of watching this man as he continues down a path that can only lead to certain unhappiness and moral obscurity.

For all the controversy and trouble that came with this picture, the actors certainly did their share. James Mason does something almost uncanny with this character of Humbert Humbert, a man so slimy and paranoid, there is no reason to like him; yet Mason is able to get us to almost sympathize for this man. Shelley Winters is magnificent here as the promiscuous widow who is set for tragedy. Peter Sellers is comical, as always, but Sue Lyons really surprised me with her ability to give a rather open performance of this girl who very much had psychological problems. Of course, with Kubrick behind the camera, the look and feel of the film is sly, subversive, and completely enhancing. No matter what your feelings on the subject or the novel, you owe it to yourself to see Stanley Kubrick's Lolita.

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2001: A Space Odyssey

Bluntly, 2001 is one of the best science-fiction films made to date, if not the very best. Stanley Kubrick was a genius of a film maker and this is one of his very best works. And although it is misunderstood by many, and respectively underrated, it is considered one of the best films of all time and I'll have to agree. Back in 1968, no one had done anything like this before, and no one has since. It was a marvel of a special effects breakthrough back then, and seeing how the effects hold up today, it is no wonder as to why. The film still looks marvelous after almost forty years! Take note CGI people. Through the use of large miniatures and realistic lighting, Kubrick created some of the best special effects ever put on celluloid. This aspect alone almost single-handedly created the chilling void of the space atmosphere which is also attributed to the music and realistic sound effects. I can't think of another film where you can't here anything in space, like it is in reality. Not only is the absence of sound effects in space realistic, it is used cleverly as a tool to establish mood, and it works flawlessly.

Aside from the magnificent display of ingenious special effects, there are other factors that play a part in establishing the feel of the film. The music played, all classical, compliment what the eyes are seeing and make you feel the significance of man's journey through his evolution from ape to space traveler.

The story, while seemingly simple, is profound. Sequentially, several mysterious black monoliths are discovered and basically trigger certain events integral to the film. What are they? Where did they come from? What do they do? These are all questions one asks oneself while watching the story develop and is asked to find his own way. While most come away with a general idea of what took place in the story, each individual will have to decide what it means to them. Any way one decides to answer these question results in profound solutions. It's not left entirely up to interpretation, but in some aspects it is. Experience it for more clarification. The end result is quite chilling, no matter your personal solution.

While it is a long film, and sometimes slows down, it has to be in order to accurately portray the journey of man. It's not a subject that would have faired well in a shorter film, faster paced feature. Those with short attention spans need not apply.

Last but not least, is the epitome of a remorseless antagonist, HAL 9000, the computer. Never has a machine held such a chilling screen presence. Which reminds me, for a film with such profound ambition and execution, there is surprisingly little dialogue. Another sign of Kubrick's genius.

All in all, one of the best films made to date and one of the very best science fiction films made. A personal favorite. Everyone must see this film at least once.

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In Cold Blood

Many films are derived from novels and, in the normal way, it is unhelpful to compare the movie with the book, for the obvious reason that they are distinct art-forms, constrained by different technical limitations. However, this one really does have to be understood in the context of the book which engendered it.

Capote's book is a factual account of a multiple murder in a small Kansas town. Two young drifters plan a robbery which misfires and ends in violence. The book traces the course of the patient investigation which eventually brings the killers to justice. Because the book is a species of journalism, uncompromisingly anchored in fact, the film cannot help but follow suit, with the added burden that it must faithfully represent on the screen real persons, places and events.

The mean lives of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith are documented in stark monochrome. Panavision is used to powerful effect to show the wide, flat spaces of Kansas. Quincy Jones's atmospheric jazz score adds salt to the bleak images. The austerity of blue collar life in the Mid West of the 1950's is splendidly evoked as our two delinquents move through a rolling montage of Travelodges and diners, launderettes and interstates.

This is a film of straight lines. The flat, relentless landscape of Kansas generates horizons that are ruler-straight. Roads stretch into the distance without the hint of a curve. Slat blinds cast harsh bars of light across room interiors. The penitentiary scene is a symphony of geometric lines. Hickock and Smith have had their characters forged by incarceration, and we see that their 'outside' lives are, in a real sense, another form of imprisonment. The lines which enclose them denote the hopelessness of their existence.

The starkness is reinforced by neat, economical editing. The throwing of a light switch in the Hickock farmhouse carries us to the Clutter home, where a light is being turned on, and the words 'any crowded street' whisk us into just such a street. A cigarette butt is discarded, and its ugly cylinder becomes an electromagnet searching for the murder weapon. The Clutters' cleaner realises that a radio has been stolen, and we see the radio playing at Dick's bedside.

Once under arrest, Dick makes a powerful speech about tattoos. The detectives are trying to provoke him by sneering at his 'body art' and he points out that we all carry tattoos of some kind. Our dress, speech and attitudes mark us indelibly and fix us in our time and place.

Herb Clutter and his family lead a spartan home life. The farmhouse is spare and unadorned, but its order and solidity make a sharp contrast with the chaos and squalor of the rented rooms where Dick and Perry hole up. Dick 'hangs paper' (passes dud cheques) in respectable Kansas stores, amassing clothes and electrical goods on a spree which exploits the trust between vendor and consumer and uses it as a weapon - Dick and Perry's revenge upon 'decent' America.

Once the arrests have been made and a trial scheduled, the film switches to a voice-over narration. No doubt this was done in order to shorten the custody passage (this is extensive in the book, but does not lend itself readily to film treatment), but it jars.