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Out on Video    Tues Dec 27   The Entertainment Reel Image  A group of twentysomethings run for their life in ‘Final Destination 5’ Photo: Contributed – New Line
Out on release this week:  A group of people escape death only to have him track them down, footage is discovered on the moon’s surface from a past mission, a manure company smells something fishy with their competition and a couple of pool boys start a brothel.
Final Destination 5
I’m sure you know the premise to this one:  Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) has a moment of déjà vu when he has a vision of the bridge that they are on collapsing.  He quickly gets several of his coworkers off the bridge before it caves, having cheated death.
Death, unhappy with this scenario, hunts each survivor and takes them out using some new and interesting tactics!  The twist this time, however, is that if they off one of the other survivors, they may keep their life.
This trailer has helped me to decide NOT to get laser eye surgery!
Apollo 18
A ‘found footage’ film that has three astronauts that have been sent on a secret mission to the moon in December of 1974 so they can deploy a group of transmitters to intercept Soviet signals.
It begins to become quite clear that they were never sent to monitor the soviets, but instead to draw out an alien life force.
The Smell of Success
An accident takes the life of the owner of a manure company which forces his cosmetics saleswoman daughter Rosemary (Tea Leoni) to take over.  Unsure if she has the capability to run the family business, she discovers that a new competitor is about to take them down, and enlists the help of her father’s right hand man Patrick (Billy Bob Thorton) to save the day.
Pool Boys
Alex (Brett Davern) is a Harvard-bound valedictorian who loses his summer gig and ends up going to LA to work for his cousin Roger (Matthew Lillard) as a pool boy.  Roger is not quite the business man he’s made himself out to be and is actually down and out himself.
Both men end up having to squat at one of their client’s homes and become entangled with a local escort named Laura (Rachel Lefevre), where they make the bright decision to start an escort business out of the client’s home!
Also Out: In the Name of the King 2, Down Terrace, Blackthorn, Justified: Season Two
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Christmas Day can be a great day for catching up with family, eating a schwack of delicious food and enjoying the holiday spirit; however, it can also be a day of sitting around wondering what the heck to do…  ‘cause nothing is open and it’s the first day you’ve really had off in quite some time!
To escape the hustle and bustle of the busy season, here is a top ten list of flicks to shrug off all the stress, step away from the kids while they are playing with their new toys, and just relax and laugh it up!
Note, I have left off some classic films such as ‘Christmas Vacation’, ‘Elf’ and ‘Scrooged’, as really, they are on everyone’s top ten!
Here are some films that are a little less known and some that you may have forgotten even existed!
10) Jingle All the Way, 1996: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attempt to stray from the action movie genre in this Christmas flick that pits him against Sinbad; both fathers are in desperate pursuit of the same toy!
Sinbad should have almost had better billing than second as his scenes are some of the most hilarious!
9) Ernest Saves Christmas, 1988: Ernest (Jim Varney) is a cab driver in Florida who picks up Santa from the airport on December 23rd and becomes Santa’s chauffeur as Santa looks for someone to take his place.
It’s Ernest…  need I say more?
8) Trapped in Paradise, 1994: Nic Cage heads up this funny cast that includes Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz as three brothers who are terribly inept criminals that decide to pull off the last big heist…  which of course they mess up!
7) Santa Claus The Movie, 1985: Dudley Moore plays an Elf named Patch who decides “to heck” with Santa; he’s going to branch out on his own and use his inventive toy making skills to start his own business.   Patch pitches his idea to a money grubbing toy maker (John Lithgow) whose own business is about to go belly up due to the shoddy products he’s been selling.
6) Trading Places, 1983:  Dan Aykroyd is an upper class commodities broker whose bosses make a wage that the homeless Eddie Murphy can do a better job running the company than him, inadvertently making them trade places, having Aykroyd  lose everything and Murphy with everything to gain!
5) Die Hard, 1988: Not quite a comedy, though it does have some very funny scenes! Bruce Willis takes on a group of organized criminals – led by Alan Rickman – who are attempting to steal some dough under the ruse of a terrorist attack using hostages of the building they have taken over.
4) Fred Claus, 2007: Vince Vaughn plays down-on-his luck Fred, who heads up to the great white north to work for his saintly brother Nick, aka Santa Claus (Paul Giamatti), wreaking havoc on everything he touches!
3) Mixed Nuts, 1994: A redo of a cult 1982 French flick, Mixed Nuts has Steve Martin playing the owner of a suicide hotline on the verge of being evicted during the holiday season.  His staff isn’t really helping matters much: the late, great Madeline Kahn who gives terrible advice to callers, Rita Wilson who’s love sick for her employer, Liev Shrieber as a drag queen and Adam Sandler as every character he’s ever played!
This was director Nora Ephron’s follow up to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’.
2) Home for the Holidays, 1995: Even though not quite a Christmas film, Jodie Foster’s directorial debut about a single 40 year old (Holly Hunter) who goes to visit her family for Thanksgiving after making out with her boss, losing her job and being informed that her teenage daughter (Clare Danes) is intent on losing her virginity while mom is away, is still the perfect film for the day as it showcases how difficult it can be sometimes to deal with your family over the holidays, no matter how much you love them!
The cast also includes Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Robert Downey Jr and Dylan McDermott.
1) Just Friends, 2005:  This film has Ryan Reynolds accidentally returning home over the holiday season after being gone for over 10 years due to a failed attempt while professing his love for his best friend, played by Amy Smart – which turned him into a womanizing douchebag!
‘Just Friends’ was shot in Regina during the winter and if you get a chance to see some of the documentaries on the DVD, make sure you check out ‘It’s Freakin’ Cold’ to get a good understanding of the prairie winters!
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A Vancouver based bottled water company is suing the cast of the reality show ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ for basically stealing its product.
The owner of Creative Thinkers Inc and his business partner have filed a lawsuit claiming that a couple of Langley entrepreneurs are conspiring with the TV stars to steal the Blackwater concept as well as the marketing of the drink in the US.
The drink contains fulvic and humic acids, nutritional supplements that are derived from an 80 million year old organic matter as well as anti-oxidants that claim to provide various health benefits including detoxification and vitamin absorption.
The Wilkie sisters, who run a company in Langley that makes coffee syrup products, had agreed to help the owner of Creative Thinkers Inc, Ivan Soloman, and his partner Gordon Jung, to bottle a test run of the product back in late 2009. In early 2010, the sisters gained 10 percent each of the ownership stake in Blackwater in exchange for helping the makers obtain Canadian and US trademarks and patents.
The sisters then went and took the product to a New York Food show where they met the cast of ‘Real Housewives’.  The Canadian rights were then transferred to Soloman and Jung this past summer, but not the US rights, even after agreeing to do so.
The sisters, along with the Manzo-Laurita family of the reality show, applied to transfer Blackwater’s US patent to a company named blk. Beverages and the packaging is a pretty close replica of the original bottle that the sisters first made for Soloman and Jung!
The product hit the market earlier this year to the surprise of Soloman and Jung.  "Solomon and Jung came up with this unique design and marketing concept and product, along with the Blackwater name and it was . . . stolen from them," said their lawyer in a statement.  He went on to say that the TV show began to promote the product.
"A number of characters on the show used the show to promote the product that did not belong to them.  There were some episodes about it, and they continue to use the TV show to get the word out about the product."
The product is still being sold in the Canadian and US markets by Soloman and Jung, however the duo is stating that the other product, which is now basically a rival of the original, should have never hit the shelves and that it’s creating a lot of confusion as even though blk. Beverages is using a separate trademark, the name of the product is still the same.
The Vancouver company is hoping to have the rival product stopped as well as recoup their losses.  Blk. Beverages and the Wilkie sisters have yet to make any statement.
Failed Marriage Proposal on Ellen
Rough, dude!  I guess if you’re going to propose to your girlfriend on a popular national talk show, you best be sure the lady is going to say yes!
Jacob went on the Ellen show to propose to his girlfriend Jody.  After bending down on one knee in the middle of the audience, he said those magical words that MOST girls want to hear: “Will you marry me”?  Her response: “I can’t, I’m sorry!”  Ouch!
The ending of the video though has been messing with me!  During the last part where everything starts to get insanely awkward, everyone starts getting up and cheering and Ellen is laughing, leading us to believe that the refusal is possibly a joke?
Apparently, the whole proposal was an elaborate ploy to promote Ellen’s “12 Days of Giveaways” promotion – seems like an odd way to promote something so joyful!
Or is the show just covering for the poor man and his embarrassing moment?  Hmmm…
Ashton Kutcher Gets Punk’d… Again!
Ashton Kutcher is going back to his roots!  MTV is reviving Kutcher’s hidden camera classic ‘Punk’d’, where he performed pranks on unsuspecting celebrities and friends.
Kutcher will be executive producing the show only though and will not be hosting this time around. MTV is planning on announcing the show’s return and the host or hosts during the network’s New Year’s Eve live party telecast.
The MTV New Year’s Eve gig looks to be a who’s who of teeny bopper performers such as Demi Lovato (who will hosting), Selena Gomez (Bieber’s girlfriend), Jason Derulo and Mac Miller (who?).
The Dark Knight Rises
It is the final showdown!!  The last in the trilogy! The epic conclusion!  We get it, Chris Nolan, this is the last Batman…  with Christian Bale at least.
In the upcoming LAST instalment of the franchise, Batman (Bale) is being hunted by his ol’ buddy and pal Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). If you remember in the last film, Batman took the blame for the death of Harvey Dent AKA ‘Two Face’ so that he would come off as a hero instead of the monster he became.
Now Batman must deal with a new villain named Bane (Tom Hardy – with his face covered!!  Why would anyone think it was ok to cover the face of Tom Hardy?) who threatens the current peaceful state of Gotham City, along with Selena Kyle AKA ‘Catwoman’ (Anne Hathaway).
The trailer seems to be going along with the tide of current world events, as I almost got an ‘Occupy Gotham’ feel after ‘Catwoman’ explains to Bruce Wayne at a party: “You think this can last.  There is a storm coming Mr. Wayne and when it hits, you’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us….”
I guess Catwoman is part of the 99%!