When Jim Carrey and the MTV Movie Awards come together there’s usually something to talk about and this year was no different.

Before the awards he told MTV News ‘I’m wearing a suit that I’ve had made. It’s the latest in nanotechnology, so I’m able to project whatever I want on it.’

Introducing the Foo Fighters, Carrey appeared on stage donning a bright green suit, as images were projected onto him through the wonder of ‘cutting-edge chroma-key technology’ – the best images being two dogs humping!

It’s not the first time Carrey has a laugh at the awards. In 1999 he showed up as a hippie to collect his award for Best Male Performance for The Truman Show.

In 2006 he went all culty and dressed in white when he accepted MTV Generation Award and was accompanied by 60 winged angels.

Jim Carrey at the MTV Movie Awards

Jim Carrey at the MTV Movie Awards

‘Why am I so blessed?’ he asked. ‘Why is my life so miraculous? Why do so many struggle with fame while I’m able to float effortlessly on the upper edges of the Hollywood status-phere? You like that word ‘status-phere’? I made it up last night. I made up a word.’

The big winners of the night were Twilight bunch which won five awards including Best Kiss for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. R-Patz was so happy about it (or maybe he felt bad for his co-star) he launched himself on Taylor Lautner and planted a big smackaroo on his lips.

Kick-AssChloë Grace Moretz won two awards - Best Badass Star and Best Breakout Star and Best Comedic Performance went to Emma Stone for Easy A.
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