YOU'RE LOOKING AT PROOF that Jim Carrey, 35, can stretch his $20 million face any way he wants and it never freezes that way. In fact, it bounces smack into leading man territory. "Jim is extremely sexy," says his Liar Liar costar Swoosie Kurtz. "His face, his body, his height [6'2]—he is kind of lanky and loose and relaxed. He's got a handsome, straightforward, midwestern look." Carrey is only too happy to share how he comes by it. "You know what I do almost every day?" he asks impishly. "I wash. Personal hygiene is part of the package with me."

Even when he created the unique geeks who stumbled through two Ace Ventura films and Dumb & Dumber, Carrey didn't draw from personal experience. In high school near Toronto, "I probably had some pretty bad hair days," he admits, "but I was never an ugly person."

Now he gets a boost from actress Lauren Holly, 33, his wife of seven months. "She is always saying that she does everything to make me look really good," says Carrey, who relies on her to pick out unwrinkled clothes and shoes that match. "And then she gets upset because she hears girls going, 'Oooh, you are so good-looking, Jim.' "

Still, his Liar Liar castmate Amanda Donohoe speaks for the majority of fans when she says that the sexiest thing about Carrey is his "humor. Let's face it, every woman likes to be made to laugh."