It seems Apple Inc keeps a tab on it store and scrutinizes the available apps consistently. A closer look reveals as many as 11 apps that were hauled from the store that could manage to find a place only for a short period of time:
1. Flappy Bird: The last 24 hours of the app recorded as many as 10 million downloads. The media reports and the messages of the game addicts bothered its creator Dong Nguyen and he took it off from the store.
2. “Nescaline” which permitted its users to play entire Nintendo games on their Apple gadget supported by a multitouch features, could manage to stay in the App store only for a few hours.
3. “Weed Firm” secured its top position on in the App store until Apple hauled it. The game followed the story of a rusticated Botany student Ted Growing. The players controlled Ted, who interacted with other weed dealers and sold his produce at the highest possible price.
4. “camera+” app clicked pictures with better exposure than the device’s built-in camera. Besides it also allowed you to clock pictures using the volume button. Its upgraded version offered a feature with the help of which, camera could be linked to the Safari web browser by typing a URL.
5. HiddenApps: with the help of this app you could easily hide your default Apps that did not interest you. For instance if Newsstand or Stocks, which is a default App and doesn’t interests you, with the help of HiddenApps, you could make them disappear from the menu. It also permitted the user to disable iAds.
6. iDOS app allowed you to run DOS operating system on iOS platform and run the old classic PC software’s. The App got removed since users could copy iTunes code to it and access newer versions which also included some free games.
7. ‘iTether’ was another App which got de-listed from the App store. It was capable of establishing a wireless internet connection with your PC, hence saving a monthly charge of $20 for tethering by your wireless operator.
8. Super Nintendo Emulator was listed as “Remote File Manager” in the App store before it was spotted. The App did not only permit to view Dropbox files, it also backed a support for SNES emulator games which could be accessed within the App.
9. “Blockchain” got de-listed due to unresolved issues. The App had atleast one million users.
10. “VLC media player” was removed from the App store soon after its release, but continued to work for those who were quick enough to install it.IPAD CASE FOR KIDS
11. “Eye TV” allowed you to watch live television with the help of 3G network on you iPhone. The original version only permitted to record television but the upgraded version allowed the users to watch live TV. The App was removed since it contradicted Apple’s agreement with At&T that didn’t permit Apple to redirect TV signals over its mobile network.


Probably the most looked forward to device by Apple after the Apple iPhone is the iPad Mini. Right now after the introduction from this gadget there’s details floating in the technologies market with regards to the gadget and the particular usefulness. It would appear that there has been a modicum of dissatisfaction linked to this product. Let’s find what is it concerning and just why it’s let down buyers straight after they have been given the item.
The Value
Folks have been confident in the retina display screen but it looks like Apple made a skimp with this development with regard to the iPad mini. The picture resolution of the iPad Mini is that of 1024×768 PX. This quality isn’t going to be sufficiently good and it easily has succeeded to astonish addicts. The press is actually sharing the gossip for this new iPad doing a comparison of it with the contenders, Nexus plus Kindle which have been classified as being primary in their technology. Even if Apple has integrated 35% more screen space offering a wide screening sensation except the inferior image quality is unsatisfying. Exactly what would make its opponents a significantly better selection with regard to even better picture quality. One more thing which will come immediately to mind will likely be the price factor. The iPad mini starts at $319 and that is in very sharp variation as to what the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire is providing. Which are listed way less around $199.
The Display Screen
This is relatively simple to carry and work with as opposed to competing 10 ” tablet. This is just what means it is striking and provides a reason for the individual to give preference to it instead of the iPad Mini. Many folks would like to consider other functions which come as an addon on this new version. 250,000 + applications are already included and this is for certain a pleasure for iPad users. Surprisingly these work better unrevised with lowered display image resolution. A high display image resolution just like that of Apple tab is power consumption. For these reasons, ever again, it would appear that the rivals took a bigger jump in comparison to the Apple product. On the other hand, when you consider the cumbersome Kindle Fire that’s a huge 10 inch tablet instead of the 7.9 inches Apple iPad mini, we discover the second option being a more favorable alternative.
The iPad Mini is not very disappointing especially in a few other features, in particular its body shape. The actual size of the unit has been shrunk to 7.9 ” display and is undoubtedly astonishing. At the start, anyone might be mesmerized with the sleek and stylish appearance feature that Apple have proposed. Its remarkably thinner and much lighter due to the material form. This really does appear to be remarkable specifically when we look at the volume of increased attributes which will come loaded into this petite tablet. It comes with a durable metallic and glass shape that make it a sturdy tablet.
Continuing to keep the above elements and arguments on your mind it may be deducted that the iPad Mini isn’t an 100 % let-down. If you’re looking for 300,000+ attributes as add-ons, slick layout, a thin appearance and lightweight metal framework then this has to be a good alternative. As far as the pricing aspect is associated, it scarcely makes a difference for Apple devotees. And additionally, make sure to suppose the total app catalogue accessible for this latest version and the twin digicam that adds to the advantage. Additionally, the low display will possibly let you down particularly if are interested in actively playing videos on the iPad Mini tab most notably the Refurbished iPad Mini 3G. Take a look at any rate in the event you’re wondering about this stuff.


According to the abroad report, last month, Digitimes reported that Goole and Asus will join hands to produce a brand tablet PC Nexus which is 7 inch big, and the price is 199 dollar to 249 dollar. All kinds of indication shows that Google will release Nexus tablet PC in annual developer meeting which will hold in June 27th.

At present, the most successful tablet PC except iPad is the 7 inch Kindle Fire from Amazon. According to the report of IDC, the sales volume of Kindle Fire in forth quarterly in 2011 was 4.7 million. And in nowadays, Google also aims at the tablet PC of 7 inch. Though 9.7 inch iPad is still lead tablet PC market, while if Apple company still unwilling to change strategy, it may lose the dominant position in market.
In recent, someone pointed out that Apple is test a 7.85 inch iPad Mini tablet PC, and we think it is very necessary for Apple to introduce iPad Mini. Here are six reasons.

The 9.7 inch iPad is too heavy
The weight of New ipad air case  is 1.44 pound (652 gram), this weight is not suitable for readers who want to read with iPad for a long time. Though we cannot require iPad to achieve the weight of a magazine, it is reasonable to ask Apple to control the weight in 14 ounce. So obviously, a light iPad Mini is more suitable for readers.
7.85 inch IPAD 5 CASE FOR KIDS can suit to bag in many types
To gentle, it is not a hard thing to put 9.7 inch iPad in different types of bags, while to female, who are not used to take a bag which can hold 9.7 inch iPad, they are more likely little bag. Therefore, an iPad Mini with a smaller size will be an ideal choice.
7.85 inch Ipad will cheaper
The price of New iPad is 499 dollar, while customers think the ideal consume price is under 400 dollar. At present, price of iPad 2 is 399 dollar, so price of iPad Mini may in 299 dollar. Generally speaking, the price under 300 dollars can attract more customers from Kindle Fire.

7 inch ipad is more suitable for children to hold
In nowadays, children very like iPad, they also like touch screen, while 9.7 inch iPad is too big to him, and 7.85 iPad Mini is more suitable.
Apple should not ignore a mature market
Deceased Apple precursor CEO Jobs thought the 7 inch tablet PC is not suitable to adult’s finger. However, the market reaction proves that 7 inch Kindle Fire and Nook tablet PC is also very welcomed by customers.
A 7.85 inch iPad is more suitable in working occasion
Sometimes, a 9.7 inch iPad is indeed suitable in some business occasion, while in some occasion, it is heavier, the 7.85 inch iPad Mini will be a better choice.